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Scotland`s Cowboy Chris Andreucci

Updated: 5 days ago

Scotland To Nashville Chris`s Journey

Chris was born in the seaside town of Ayr on the west coast of Scotland after attending the local Belmont Academy Chris went on to study at Strathclyde University it was whilst he was studying here he had the opportunity to do a exchange programme and it happened to be at UNC North Carolina. Chris spent 6 months out there and he fell in love with the south and managed to play a couple of gigs whilst there he say`s " I`ve always had a love for country music and it was whilst I was on this exchange trip I realised wow you can make a living out hear doing music, and he had a love for writing country music". After returning home to complete his university course the covid pandemic hit and he used this time to get all his "ducks in a row" as he says and made the decision to fly back out to Nashville and he has now been here for 4 years.

We asked about his influencers in the music he writes and grew up with and Chris told us " I grew up with my gran who was into the Irish country music and the old school likes of Kenny Rodgers" and this is where the bases of his songs come from but obviously more aimed at the American audience. Chris goes on to tell us that when he made the move to Nashville he was welcomed warmly and that there is a nice community feel in and around the music scene where they help each other, but that he says is "the Southern Way".

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